Lend me your ears!

Welcome to Talking Is Hard, initially intended to be an independent podcast network, now it's just a hub for people to find the podcasts I'm a part of (see links below). Why? Mainly out of necessity since most social media services allow for only one link in your profile (first world problems, I know). Who knows, maybe one day it'll be a network. Networks are such a pain though. You inevitably hurt people's feelings when you don't invite them to join, because let's face it, who wouldn't want to be part of my network? I mean, look at this website, it's a work of art!

The one that started it all. A twice-monthly conversational music podcast hosted by Rod and Denise. Every episode features listener-submitted songs based on a theme.
Join Rod & Mig on their eargasmic journey into the unknown. New episodes every Friday.
Denise is just a girl, standing in front a mascot, asking for an interview. Mascot Diaries chronicles "real-life stories of the brave men and women that wear the big head." -Winston Conrad.

Must come up with great, inspirational, thought-provoking quote. Or maybe just google one?